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Brandon Porter

Pool builder and visionary, Brandon Porter has spent over 24 years pursuing his passion to build the world’s finest and most unique pools. He likens his craft to that of designing and building a fine car. His rock work is exacting; stones are hand-chiseled so the joints are tight; skimmer lids are made of hand-cut stone, not the typical plastic, and even the coping around the edge of the pool is unique. His maxim is “I build them so you can enjoy the pool even out of the pool, having a focal point to enjoy year-round.”

As you can tell, we are likely not talking about your typical pool in scale or appearance. Do you want a pool with a slide that circles around and down alongside an exquisitely crafted waterfall of ancient Texas ranchland rock formed during the dinosaur age? A sparkling river that meanders around hand-selected boulders and stones that encircles your house, visible from every room within? A hidden cave where you can stand and feel the relaxing water gently run over your shoulders from the pool above?

Brandon can take your desire for a spectacular backyard retreat or a large resort oasis and create a masterpiece just for you.

Each oasis or retreat includes amenities such as tropical cabanas, outdoor kitchens, spas, lap pools with state-of-the-art lighting to create just the right visual effect at the touch of a button.

If you give us a call, expect that we will only build a masterpiece, not an ordinary pool.

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