Custom Pool Remodel

What started out  to be a small remodel of a pool become a complete renovation.  During excavation of the cabana/bar area we found out that the gunite structure was only 4 inches thick and we knew that it would only be a matter of time before the existing pool shell would crack.  So we removed the entire pool and spa shell and added put back into it place a structurally solid gunite shell.  Doing this allowed us to give the pool an organic shape and to make the pool deeper.  We softened the pool area by removing all the concrete decking and adding natural stone.  Reduced patio space and narrowed walkways reduce the amount of hard spaces around the pool.   Spa veneer we selected boulders from Colorado.  This veneer starts at the floor of the pool and veneers the face of the spa.  Added cabana for a swim-up bar area.  All rough sawn cedar with a metal roof.

800 sqft



Pool Dimensions

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